Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best films of 2011 cartoon

Best films of 2011 cartoon

Gnomeo and juliet..

 this movie will hit theaters in time for valentine's day. we are not sure if it;s
going to be ahit or miss ,we'll see you 
soon on 11,feb 2011


johny deep is the lead character of this movie , don't you think it will be
a hit!!
well i am sure of it this movie appears to be
western and stylized animation.
fingers crossed for that!.



Rio is basically about a macaw who believes that he is the last of his
kind and the story goes on this movie appears
to be like 2010's
alpha and omega but it will by surely better them


puss in boots

the same old kitty with styilsh hat and cute boots but this time without an ogre , donkey and
gingerad man, what i think in the whole shrek move he
is the only bearale character


Gnomeo and juliet

gnomeo and juliet

the scoop on gnomeo and juliet including photos,trailer, interviews,poster,news and cast list for thes
animated musical featuring the voices of james mcavoy,Emily  blunt, michael caine 
and jason statham, with music by Elton john.

see section

movie synopsis :
 the greatest love story ever told, gnomes? in,,gnomeo & juliet,"
shakespeare,s revered tale gets a comical .off_hte-wall makeover.
directed by kelly asbury and showcasing both classic and orginal songes by elton john , the film features the voices of james MCAVOYand EMily blunt as gnomeo and juliet
whohave as many obstacles to overcome as their quasi namesakes when they are caught up in feud between 
but with plastic pink flamingos and thrilling lawnmower racesin the mix,can thes young cople
find ahappy ending?